Audio Developers is a unique solution-provider for audio products and services. The term “collective” probably best describes us…a group of talented engineers, hobbyists and craftsment who love designing high-quality audio equipment and who provide audio design services. However, we also share many attributes of a cooperative, in that our membership is open and we share goals, technology and vision throughout the membership and we support each other's products and services. This open membership, communication and support is the key to providing complete audio solutions and complementary services for our customers. These values also stimulate innovation and yield a diverse product portfolio. Learn more about us and how to join us by following the "About Us" link.

On these pages, you will find many audio products and services that meet the quality standards of our review board. The focus of this website is on the products developed by individuals or by the Audio Developers engineering team, and those are our featured products. However, our company objective is to help our customer satisfy their audio needs. So with this commitment we also support competing audio products and services, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions that help our customers afford their goals. All of these solutions are described in the "Audio Solutions" section of our website 

We have the expertise and innovative thinkers to solve the tough problems in all areas of high-quality audio. But our goals of achieving audio perfection are tempered by the realities of today’s technology and economy. There are many high-quality products from high-volume low-wage manufacturers that we recognize to be areas where competition is futile, and we may steer you toward these cost-effective solutions to help you get the best product at the best price. At the same time, there are many "audiophile" products that are successful more on marketing and hype, and we will help you wade through the audio snobery and misleading information to help you find a well-engineering product, properly supported, at a fair price.

We believe that audio equipment decisions should be based on professional listening experience backed by sound engineering insight and the pursuit of quality. Our team includes engineers, professional musicians, craftsmen and technicians, all with a passion for audio excellence. This expertise is evident in the products that we offer and the support that we provide during and after sales. The developers have made themselves available in the "Forum". Please use this resource to better understand our collaborative products, the individual product offerings, and how these products compare with other commercial equipment.